One Flush Toilet Cleaner
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    Product Introduction

    Do you always struggle in cleaning your toilet? Isn’t it hard for every now and then brushing and scrubbing of toilet just to keep it fresh and clean? Worry no more as we introduce you the ONE FLUSH TOILET CLEANER!

    One Flush Toilet Cleaner is a TOILET CLEANER that will keep your toilet bowl SANITIZED and DEODORIZED with every FLUSH. It has an EXCELLENT CLEANING ABILITY as it PRODUCES a SPARKLING BLUE ingredient that manages to CLEAN the TANK, RIM, INNER WALL, and PIPES of the toilet thoroughly.

    It can KILL 99.9% of the HOUSEHOLD BACTERIA and leave your toilet SPARKLING CLEAN. It also comes with a FLORAL SCENT when FLUSHED keeping your BATHROOM PURIFIED and DEODORIZED and PREVENT the FOUL SMELL BUILD UP into the toilet.

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    • Durability
      Slow-release formula, it can flush for over 2000 times when the water is below 25°C.
    • Excellent Cleaning Ability
      Produces a sparkling blue water that comes from the toilet tank which cleans tank itself, the rim, inner wall, and sewer pipe and other parts of the toilet thoroughly.
    • Acute Sterilization Ability
      Kills 99.9%
       of household bacteria and leave your toilet sparkling
    • Fragrance
      Be effective in deodorization, and keep perfume continuously, purify the air of the toilet.
    • Non-corrosive
      Neutral product, without any causticity or toxicity; safe for pipes and septic tanks.
    • Application Range
      All kinds of flush toilet in family, office, hotel, restaurant etc
    1. Place in the toilet tank directly.
    2. Wait for at least 5 minutes before using.
    3. It will clean the toilet bowl in every flush.
    4. A blue tint to the water in the toilet bowl to give a clear indication of when you need to replace the cleaner.
      Size: 6.8 x 6cm
      Fragrance: Floral Fresh

      One Flush Toilet Cleaner x 1pc


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